Line Striping

Line Striping

Tired of your yellow lines peeling off after they were recently painted on? Do them the right way...the Nue way!

Why cover your concrete with another expensive and high maintenance floor that will need replacing when the answer is right under your feet! Polished concrete is quickly become the flooring of choice for its beauty and extremely low cost of maintenance.


  • Enhance safety because they guide people and machinery where to maneuver.
  • Maximize floor space by indicating where material is to be stored.
  • Guide employees where to exit the facility in case of an emergency.
  • Improve visual appeal.

Our Process

  • Shot blast the concrete to give the surface a profile so that the new epoxy has something strong and porous on to which to bind.
  • Paint two thick coats of line stripe epoxy.
  • Add a clear topcoat of scratch resistant urethane to further protect the new stripes from the everyday wear and tear of your busy company.