Reflective & Pearlescent

Pearlescent: One of the most visually impressive and unique epoxy floor systems on the market! Pearlescent coatings give your floor depth and add a three dimensional look. All systems are completely custom and no two floors can ever be exactly alike. Pearlescent coatings have a durable mirror-like finish that give the illusion of flowing colors. The effects that can be achieved resemble liquid metal, marble stone patterns, animal print, flowing lava, tie-dye and colors that appear to be shimmering. This is no ordinary floor!

Why Choose Reflective & Pearlescent Flooring?

  • Style & uniqueness.
  • Durability.
  • Easy to maintain and lower maintenance costs compared to terrazzo, VCT (vinyl composite tile), tile or carpet.
  • Hygienic non-porous surface. Dirt and bacteria have no place to hide!
  • Large color and design selection.
  • Waterproofing capabilities.
  • Chemical resistance and UV fading resistance.

Reflective & Pearlescent Floor Common Applications

  • Show Rooms.
  • High-end Garages, Interior Rooms, Basements and Bathrooms.
  • Restaurants.
  • High-end Retail Stores and Department Stores.
  • Salons and Spas.
  • Hotels and Resorts.
  • Bars, Pubs, Taverns and Nightclubs.
  • Casinos and Banquet Halls.
  • Galleries, Museums and Auditoriums.