Epoxy Coating Process

The four components to an expertly installed flooring system and 100% value for your investment:

System Selection

We come to you. The most effective way to determine what flooring system is best suited for your environment is for a personal site visit by a Nue Concrete Finishing Certified Expert. We examine the current condition of the concrete, get an understanding of the type of work being done in that area, conditions and chemicals the system will need to withstand, point out any repairs or general concerns that will need attention and discuss color and pattern options available. Not all systems work in all environments and therefore we believe that the time invested in understanding our customers' needs is time well spent.

Surface Preparation

Prepping the surface correctly is the most important part of a floor finish system. Understanding and identifying any underlying issues like water vapor transmission or slab movement can mean the difference between getting the longevity out of your investment and having to redo it every few years, wasting your time and money.

  • We use state-of-the-art weighted equipment and diamond discs to grind the surface of the concrete to create "teeth" in order for the epoxy to properly bind to the surface. We also use the same approach to remove old systems that have failed.

  • We provide repairs to cracks and blemishes on the concrete before your system gets installed.
  • We can fill the expansion joints of your floor as well as give a smooth and level appearance to your floor.
  • At transition points, we will saw a "key" line in the floor so that the system does not chip or peel.


Professionally installed floors always look better and stand up to the test of time compared to the "do it yourself" endeavors. All Nue Concrete Finishing specialists are trained, certified, professional and friendly. We cover every aspect of installation with you including:

  • storing any items that may need to be moved,
  • reviewing the amount of time needed for surface prep and installation,
  • detailing any repairs that take place,
  • explaining how the material will be applied to the structure, and
  • providing instructions for post installation.


All Nue Concrete Finishing Systems are covered by a one year manufacturer's material defect and installation warranty.

Accidents do happen! Drop a harsh chemical or a heavy item on the floor and chip the surface, give us a call to come back and help out.

Ongoing maintenance: Are any areas showing signs of wear from heavy traffic or do you simply need your floor system cleaned after a harsh Chicagoland winter? Nue provides all levels of maintenance and care for homeowners and commercial businesses alike.