Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete

The demand for polished concrete has grown. More and more facility designers, owners and managers are choosing to polish their concrete floors. Warehouses, manufacturing facilities, showrooms, retail locations, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels and even private residences have realized the benefits of polished concrete flooring.

Why cover your concrete with another expensive and high maintenance floor that will need replacing when the answer is right under your feet! Polished concrete is quickly become the flooring of choice for its beauty and extremely low cost of maintenance.

Concrete is an affordable, eco-friendly solution that is easy to maintain, durable and looks brilliant that never needs replacing. Polished concrete can also increase the hygiene of your facility, increase the surrounding lighting and reduce your overall maintenance costs.

Even concrete floors that have been damaged or cracked over the years can be repaired and polished. Expansion joints can be filled to enhance the appearance of the floor and allow for a seamless transition of heavy equipment. Older concrete floors can even be made to look as new and polished.

Design your floor for a more custom appearance.

You have options! Concrete flooring can be ground and honed to provide different looks and different levels of gloss. Machine grinding a floor to deeper levels exposes more of the aggregate showing more of the larger stones in the floor that can then be polished to a high gloss. There are three different levels of aggregate exposure that can achieved on a cement floor:

A polish that shows no or very little exposed rock. An example is the floor finish you see at some of the big box hardware stores.

Salt & Pepper
Very small stones are exposed during the grinding process, giving almost a salt and pepper-like finish to the concrete.

Large Aggregate
Larger stones are exposed within the floor by grinding deeper into the concrete. This larger aggregate typically settles within the concrete once poured. Each floor is different as to how long it takes to expose the larger aggregate and preferred look of the stone.

Add a unique touch to your venue with color! We can create any color you like using acid dyes. They're permanent dyes that won't fade or walk off with foot traffic. Hard concrete floors can now be turned into a decorative piece of art that you can walk on and enjoy for years and years.

Nue can even dye into your flooring your company logo or whatever else you desire. We can assist in choosing custom designs and patterns.